JustNeem helps people find healthy and vibrant skin with natural, plant-based products. Our secret ingredient is Neem! Using the Neem tree, we’ve created a product that clears your skin naturally. When your skin is healthy, you feel confident and ready to take on the world!

Our Story

Just Neem was born out of a conversation between friends when Peter Radtke (Just Neem co-founder) was introduced to Bill Stoffregen. Bill was an amazing businessman and was working on a project in Mauritania, West Africa. Bill had previously traveled to this Saharan region and was ambitiously researching the potential to use Neem for economic development. 

Intrigued by the natural skincare solutions that Neem could offer as well as the potential impact the economy of impoverished countries, Peter joined Bill on his next trip to the area. Together they formed relationships that laid the groundwork for what would soon become a national skincare company.

After lots of research, Peter and his wife, Magda, began making soap from their home and selling it at local farmers’ markets. It was a fun time, but they eventually outgrew their kitchen. They decided to move operations to a manufacturing space they loving nick-named, “The Soap Kitchen”.

Since 2007, the Just Neem Orchard has been sustainably operated in Mauritania, West Africa, and our source of Neem. We’re proud to provide living wages to the farmers that work here and contribute to their community. Our orchard is environmentally friendly, planting hundreds of Neem Trees in this hot, dry climate has helped mitigate the devastating effects of desertification and reduce carbon dioxide.

Our top priority is to develop and sell high-quality, plant-based products that give our customers healthy, happy skin. We take great pride in the quality and effectiveness of every product while using the highest grade, natural ingredients.

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Our Promise

100% Satisfaction

We believe in our naturally better skincare products, and our guarantee is simple. Contact us anytime within 30 days of your first order for a full refund.

 All-Natural Ingredients, Vegan-Friendly & Cruelty-Free

We have a fully transparent ingredient list for all of our products that show we use effective & gentle plant-based formulas made with clean, green ingredients. Never poisoned with parabens, sulfates, toxins, or icky synthetics and never tested on animals.

Sustainably Sourced, Fair Trade & Supports Third World Economy

Our Neem is sourced directly from our orchard in West Africa, where we pay a living way, follow sustainable farming practices, and support the local community.

Made in the USA

Our products are formulated, packaged, and shipped from our headquarters in Cary, North Carolina.