Prevent Cold & Flu

So many people all across the country have suffered the effects of a bad cold and flu season. Besides eating well, getting enough rest, and drinking lots of water, the best thing to do to fight against flu is to wash your hands. Neem soap can be your powerful ally during the winter cold and flu season. This naturally antibacterial soap has strong antiviral properties.

Native to India the Neem tree has been cherished for centuries. Forefathers suggested at least one tree be planted in front of each home due to the many antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. Hospitals in India actually use crushed Neem leaves, creating a disinfectant powder that is sprinkled on beds, believing this lessens the spread of disease.

Many research studies can be found documenting lab test results into Neem’s antiviral properties, showing the leaf extracts of the plant inhibited replication of tested viral strains. Neem’s rich chemical constitution of flavonoids, triterpenoids and their glycosides are believed by researchers to be responsible for the herb’s antiviral potency.

Putting Neem soap into your regular routine of washing hands and body will wipe out viruses and bacteria, but without the side effects of strong chemicals. Put Neem to work as your wellness advocate, with all the benefits provided by JustNeem’s moisturizing, healing, and soothing scents. Stay well friends.