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Lip Gleem for Cracked Cuticles in a Nail Biting Situation!

December 07 2023 – Antje Smith

Lip Gleems have gotten me out of so many nail biting situations. Mint Neem Lip Gleem

Yikes... I’m in the car about to head into a meeting, and... my cuticle picks this moment start messing with me. The brittle skin is cracking, and it's about to escalate into some major trouble. And of course, I left my cuticle care pen at home and don't have time for helpful the DIY olive oil treatment that I recently read on the LiveStrong website.

I’m tempted to pick at it and hope for the best, but... instead I reach into my jacket pocket. Relief!

I found my Grapefruit Neem Lip Gleem, and I can already feel its smooth oils spread on to the jagged corners of my nails. It's going to stop this emergency in its tracks. Yes, Lip Gleem for Cracked Cuticles for the win!

This, ladies and gents, is one of my favorite hacks for the Neem Lip Gleem. It’s amazing for your lips and also perfect for calming those silly cuticles before they take over.

Uhm, so why does it work?

I'm so glad you asked! Lip Gleems have the benefits of Neem, as well as nourishing butters in them. Neem, you may know, contains natural antihistamines and topical analgesic properties. So it can help calm itching and pain on the skin. The high-grade Coconut oil, Mango butter, and Vitamin E in the Lip Gleem transport hydration into your cracked cuticles. So your cuticles are calmed and moisturized! Plus, Neem's healing properties help reduce the risk of them getting infected, helping them heal up faster.

And, next time you're in nail biting emergency, reach for your Neem Lip Gleem, and let it save the day.

(I would love to hear how your Neem Lip Gleem has gotten you out of a scrape! Share your story in the comments below. I'm sure there are more Neemers who would appreciate hearing about it, too.)


Lip Gleem for Cracked Cuticles in a Nail Biting Situation!
Lip Gleem for Cracked Cuticles in a Nail Biting Situation!