Creating a good skin care routine may sound intimidating.Puzzled* Yet, it’s possible, especially if you keep it simple. The best way I’ve found to make any change in my life is to start off with baby steps. This gets you moving, which in turn gives you an increased sense of momentum.

The basics of a good skin care routine

The basics of good skin care are cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing. These three will go a long way. And, if you’re using natural products with Neem, this will give you extra bang for your buck because of all of Neem’s beneficial skin care properties.

The Basic Routine

  1. Cleansing – This clears your face of the pollutants and germs you will encounter on a daily basis. Do this mornings and evenings.

    Try any of the Wind & Sea Neem Bar Soaps to give you the added value of Neem’s healing and soothing aspects in this step. These glycerin-based cleansers are gentle and will remove dirt without stripping your skin of too much of its natural oils.

  2. Exfoliating – This removes your layer of dead skin that is naturally produced and reduces the chances of clogged pores which leads to blemishes. It also makes your skin more able to absorb the nutrients in your moisturizers and serums. Do this mornings and evenings, or just once a day if you have more sensitive skin.

    Try Wind & Sea Neem Body Polish to get a head-start on the hydration. Plus, we’ve had people tell us that it helped with their brown spots and discoloration! No wonder, since it’s chalked full with nourishing antioxidants and skin rejuvenating properties.

  3. Moisturizing – This seals in all the nutrients and gives your skin an extra layer of protection from the elements during the day. Keep in mind that even oily skin types need some moisturizer to prevent the nutrients and natural hydration from escaping.

    Try Wind & Sea Neem Lotion to get the added benefits of Neem, coconut and jojoba oil. This moisturizer is surprisingly light and soaks in deeply to stay with you a long time. And, Neem’s anti-histamines and anti-microbial properties will stick around too. 

The Extra credit

*Add a layer of sunscreen in the morning. This is a big one. It’s an easy way to keep your skin from aging prematurely. Just put on a layer after your moisturizer. While Neem naturally has an SPF of 4, we recommend you add another layer of SPF over your moisturizer to shield your face and neck from the suns UV rays. Remember, UV rays can be even stronger on cloudy days than on sunny days.

*Treat yourself to a Neem Clay Mask once a week. This gives your skin a deep cleanse and transports the benefits of Neem and the other essential oils deep into your skin. The french clay draws out impurities while the lotion base transports nutrients and hydration into the cells, building up the skins outer layer.

*Layer on a drop of Neem Cure Oil. Use this as a multi-functional serum in the evenings for anti-aging, blemish control, and redness reduction. Also we’ve heard people say it’s reduced and eliminated their brown spots.

As with any habit, it’s important to give yourself the freedom to start where you are. Same is true for a good skin care routine. Whether your just starting off or already a skin care veteran, I encourage you to approach your new routine as an exploration!  Small steps are the secret for getting out of a rut, and soon you’ll be fine-tuning the details of what works for you.