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Cary, NC – This weeks Dear Peter question comes from Cassandra with dry hands and cuticles.

“Dear Peter,

During cold weather, my hands and cuticles get very dry and chapped to the point where they crack and bleed. It is painful.

I’ve tried different moisturizers. I’ve even tried slathering lotion on my hands and covering them with gloves while I sleep. Nothing seems to work.

Will Neem help? Do you have any remedies/suggestions for this problem?

Thank you! Cassandra”

Dear Cassandra,

Colder weather brings on many issues for people with dry skin. For many, dry skin is simply caused by electric heat, cold temperatures, harsh soaps, misusing moisturizer, and excessive hand washing in hot water.

If you let your skin get dried out and cracked, you could be giving all sorts of nasty bacteria a way in. That can lead to more serious problems. If you are using soap, stop. Soap will strip the natural oils and moisture from your skin.

Beat Dry Hands With Neem

First, when washing your hands use water that is warm but not too hot. Try washing with our exclusive Neem Soap.  Each soap is made with glycerine which is excellent for all skin types and holds moisture to the skin. All our soaps are handmade with Neem, an all natural anti-bacterial agent which also helps heal and sooth skin. Other soothing ingredients include Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and other essential oils.

Next, after washing your hands, use a Neem Lotion while your hands are still damp. Be sure to rub it in to your hands, fingertips and cuticles until absorbed. Do this after every hand washing. The Neem Lotion contains the antiseptic properties of Neem and acts as a natural skin protector and healing agent that prevents dry, cracked skin.

Lastly, our Neem Cuticle Care Pen is amazing for curing cracked cuticles! Infused with all natural oils and Vitamin E to strengthen and smooth cracked cuticles and breaking nails. The Neem infused sunflower oil will protect nails from damaging and unwanted fungi, while it moisturizes cuticles so they won’t crack and bleed. Apply this oil on your cuticles throughout the day.

You should see a big difference in about a week. Drink plenty of water to rehydrate your body and wear gloves if it’s cold outside.

Stay Well, Dr. Peter


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