Neem on Dr. Oz

French Clay Neem Mask


Pure Neem Tub Tea 

It was an exciting day when The Dr. Oz Show aired its episode about Neem.  The show focused on Neem as an anti-aging remedy for all skin types and featured a handful of Neem products.

Dr. Oz led with this suspenseful introduction:

“There is one Ayurveda product for younger looking skin… This wonder herb works for every skin type. This herb is Neem.”

Dr. Oz and his guest Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary discussed Neem’s benefits for all skin types, called skin doshas in the Ayurvedic tradition, and they dove into the restorative and multi-functional properties of this healing herb.

On this episode, Dr  Chaudhary presents five of her favorite Neem products, including our very own Neem French Clay Mask and Neem Tub Tea.


Dr. Chaudhary highlighted our Neem Clay Mask as an excellent product to maintain youthful skin and our Neem Tub Tea as a wonderful calming remedy for skin irritations, including skin dermatitis.


The Neem Clay Mask or “Neem Face Pack” as Dr. Oz called it is made with high-quality, purifying French Green clay, combined with powerful essential oils and blend in a nourishing lotion base. The Neem Tub Tea consists of three Neem tea bags filled with potent dry Neem leaves to add to your bath as a soothing aid.


Dr. Chaudhary recounted how Neem is used in India and how her family used it growing up. It was an informative episode about Neem and its powerful, beneficial properties for all skin types.


Want to watch the episode?  Go to the Dr. Oz episode here and learn more about Neem and your skin!


You can also read more about Neem and Dr. Oz on our blog: Dr. Oz Neem And Skin Care, Featuring JustNeem!

Please note that Dr. Oz has not endorsed our products. He has simply stated the benefits of Neem for skin care. Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary of Wellspring Health brought her favorite JustNeem products along with her to the Dr. Oz Show. She is a regular contributor to The Dr. Oz Show and an expert in Ayurveda.