From Seeds to Suds of Hope

By now, we all know that our soap is awesome for your skin, delightful to your nose, and gently cleanses without unnecessary, harmful chemicals. But did you also know that our soap promotes and supports the livelihood of villagers in Mauritania, West Africa?

In addition to our orchard project, Planting Seeds of Hope, where we reinvest 10% of our annual profit back into the Neem orchard, JustNeem also provides soap making kits and workshops for women who live near the orchard in Mauritania. These kits and soap workshops are an invaluable resource for the women and their daughters that allow them to thrive independently and make a living on their own. Once they learn the soap making process, the Mauritanian women are able to produce and sell the soap to support themselves.

Each JustNeem soap purchased contributes to the cost of the soap making kits. The kits costs around $200 to provide and contain a scale, handheld blender, soap cutter box, krinkle cut blade, and a smooth blade.

Magda, JustNeem’s CEO, teaches all of the workshops in Mauritania.

Copy of Magda teaching*Copy of Magda teaching*

Though the women may not have the most advanced soap making facility, Magda is able to successfully teach the entire process from start to finish.

Villager and her Neem Shop*

Next comes blending.

Copy of Nafisa stirring*

After the ingredients are blended, the hot soap mixture is then poured into molds to harden.

Copy of Nafisa pouring*Copy of Magda teaching_2*

Once the soaps have been cut, they are placed on a drying rack to further harden and set.

Copy of Drying rack*Copy of Ken marking drying rack*

The soaps are then wrapped and sold in various markets “Marche” around the city of Nouakchott.

Copy of _Marche_s (Markets) in Nouakchott where soaps are sold*

photo (43)*

Interested in being a part of JustNeem’s mission?

These workshops not only provide a means of making a living, they empower the women of Mauritania, teach them to be self-sufficient, and improve their general quality of life. We’ve learned that teaching life skills is so much more valuable than philanthropy alone.

Purchasing JustNeem products allows us to create and send more soap making kits to Mauritania. For just about every 36 soaps sold, JustNeem is able to provide one soap making kit. We hope you’ll join us in supporting the women of Mauritania. Each purchase makes a difference and contributes to our mission.