Cary, NC – These are just a few letters and e-mails we have received from customers recently. We wanted to share their “Neem Skin Success Stories” with you. We know that just like the Neem Tree itself, JustNeem products have many healing benefits for your skin.Neem Oil for Skin

Neem Cure To The Rescue!

  • Nikki, Columbia, NC“I just purchased my first Neem product after being referred by a friend, Neem Cure. Not long after, my husband received a tick bite and I received some chigger bites while on a trail ride with our horses. Anyone that has been bitten by these pesky critters knows how bad they ITCH for DAYS! Yuck! Well, I was skeptical, but I broke out the Neem Cure and we both were over the moon excited that our bites STOPPED itching completely within 24 hours and healed 10 times faster. AMAZING! I am SOLD! Thank you for such a wonderful product that I will now NEVER be without!  I also ordered some Adios (Outdoor Spray) too! It smells WONDERFUL! We love it and I use it on my children, including my 11 month old baby.”
  • Jaime, Falling Waters, WV“Hi! I started using Neem just over a year ago. I am 33 and for 8 years (since my first child), my effortless skin became plagued by cystic acne on my chin. The cysts were huge and embarrassing. I had tried everything, except Accutane (because I was afraid of side effects). I started to use the Neem Cure and the cysts went away! Now I only have tiny little breakouts during my cycle, and when I feel them starting, I put some Neem oil on it and they disappear. I am so very grateful! Also, I used to be a chronic nail biter, but using the Neem Cuticle Pen made my fingernails grow so pretty and kept my nails looking so nice that I did not want to bite them. As a professional Cinderella (and other princesses), my career thanks you!! No more heavy makeup or hiding my hands! “
  • Amy, Pittsboro, NC“I purchased a bottle of Neem Cure.  After trying many remedies to cure my recent chigger bites including hydrocortisone, neosporin, witch hazel, lidocaine, and lavender oil, I thought why not try this.  After 24hrs, and three applications of Neem, my bites are healing very well! Thank you.  I am singing Neem’s praises to all my friends!  It works.”
  • Rosemary, Rockbridge, VA“Wanted you to know that the small bottle of Neem Cure has been a wonderful success on my elbows where I have had Liken Plancus since college. A long time!  They look better than they ever have.”
  • Laura, Raleigh NC“Oh my, you will never believe the results that I got from the Neem Cure!  I am terrible allergic to poison ivy and I got it again this summer.  I used  a little of it on my rash thinking “it can’t hurt”  and  would you believe it…it took the itch out not only temporarily.  Any poison ivy sufferer will take that any day! And if that wasn’t enough, I believe that it healed it faster than ever.  My results were awesome!  So, “can’t hurt, give it a try! “
  • Veronica, Goshen, VA“Recently I was attending a Women’s Conference and a table was set up with JustNeem products. I did not purchase any and later in the day I was stung by a wasp. A friend happened to have her purchase of Neem Cure and said, “try this”. By this time my foot was painful and burning so I put some on. Then, suddenly, just like that it stopped hurting! I turned to her and said, “I think it is working!” It actually did take all the pain and burning out of the sting and it did not wear off. The “cure” was permanent. I found out the next day that another woman had the same experience, stung, applied Neem Cure and was “cured”. Amazing stuff.”
  • Kerry –  “I love your products…the Neem Cure and Lotion seem to have improved my psorasis as much as my steroid cream’s ever have! I know that you don’t carry a shampoo but I have the psorasis on my scalp pretty bad do you have any recommendations?”

***Dear Kerry, Try putting Neem Cure on your scalp before bed. In the morning wash with your regular shampoo, but add a few drops of Neem Cure to that and wash.

Cuticle Care Pen, A Most Loved Product

  • Stephanie, Effort, Pennsylvania – “I was so thrilled when I received, JustNeem Cuticle Care Pen, as a prize. But, little did I know, how this little and pocket size product will change the overall look and feel of my hands and toes.  I have always been self conscious of my toe nails and, was never comfortable during summertime to expose my barefeet.  Do I dare say that JustNeem cuticle care pen gave me my confidence back?  Yes I do !  My feet are thanking me for the special care enhanced by the natural and organic ingredients.  Such a small product but such a big impact in one’s life.  I am a firm believer that “good things come in small packages”. JustNeem just confirm it.  I am grateful to have learned about this new brand through Allure and I can’t wait to try JustNeem Clay Mask.  Thank you for caring about the world as much as you do for the well being of your fans.
  • Cathy, Cary, NC“The Neem Cuticle Care Pen has really helped me stop biting my nails! And even though they are still short, I don’t have to sit on them all the time to hide the horror!”
  • Alexis, New Bern, NC“I absolutely love everything I’ve tried! Neem Cure has helped with my skin ailments. It’s helped so much more than other treatments I’ve tried. The Neem Clay Face Mask feels amazing! It leaves my face feeling so refreshed and any redness seems to disappear within minutes. My Cuticle Care Pen is pretty great too! I use 100% acetone when I take nail polish off, which really dries my nail and cuticle out. Since using the pen I no longer have that trouble! Thank you!”

Neem Soap, Made For Face & Body

  • Brittany L., Benson, NC“My aunt introduced me to JustNeem Soaps about a year ago as a gift. We were both surprised to find it helped my acne. I have had problems with acne for years, and tried many products, including Proactiv without much success. The Coconut Neem Soap has worked wonders! The redness and breakouts have improved greatly. I would recommend JustNeem to anyone who is seeking an all natural, mild soap to improve skin irritations. The extra benefit is knowing the product’s goal of helping families in Mauritania. What a deal!”
  • Cheri, Dunn, NC“I love the facial soap. It is the best I have ever used. If I wash my face in the morning with your Coconut Neem Soap, my make up stays on all day. Quite an accomplishment since I have oily skin and my make up is usually gone by noon. Great product for acne or problem skin as well. My daughter uses it and my friends grand daughter who has bad acne has been using it for months with great results. Will definitely be ordering more facial products.”

Neem Lotion For Healthy Skin

  • Anne, Midlothian, VA“Hello!  I had to write, because I’m not one of these people who are easily sold on this type of product.  I was at a Women’s retreat this past weekend and visited your table.  The Neem Lotion sample you gave us went onto my hands, and into my pocket for the weekend.  I used it occasionally, it was a tiny sample!  Two days later,  I noticed that my hands were healing!  I have eczema, and my hands dry out, knuckles and the sides of my fingers split and bleed, my cuticles get cracked and bleed and they get SO sore!  I also have it on my elbows, and on my knees.  By Monday and this email, it has healed, and is only a slightly red, tuff patch of skin.  No flakes, no more splits, no ugly white dry skin.  I’ve got to tell you that I have a very expensive cabinet of lotions that are going in the trash.  I’ve used stuff for weeks that didn’t do what JustNeem Lotion did in 3 days.  I’ve ordered some Neem Cure, and Lotion too.  I’ve even ordered an extra bottle of Neem Cure for a friend.  Thank you-  you have a very loyal converted user in Virginia!!!”
  • Amanda, Cary, NC“I actually have been diagnosed with psoriasis.  I love the Green Tea Soap and Green Tea Neem Lotion.  It helps minimize inflammation and redness.  I use the soap in the hemp bag as my shampoo. I don’t use perfume.  I don’t need it, JustNeem has such a pleasant smell.  I give JustNeem as gifts every opportunity I get.  It is made locally, helps out folks in Mauritania, and best of all it is a fabulous product!”

A Special Note; Our Products Truly Help People

Barbara G., Cary, NC

“Dear Jacqueline,  It was SO nice to have an opportunity to stop by your table at Whole Foods (Cary) last weekend.  I have been literally astounded at how beneficial Neem is, which is why I write.  I also am sharing this in case it will be helpful to other customers doing chemo.

I’ve had Stage IV breast cancer since Oct. 2006 and have been on chemo for the last 16 months.  From chemotherapy, my feet had terrible, deep fissures that simply would not heal. Putting shoes on was horrible. You suggested I try JustNeem’s Neem Cure oil. I did, and it helped tremendously! I’d tried virtually every product on Whole Food’s skin care aisle, and the Neem Cure was the only thing that worked.

Another skin symptom was painful red patches on my fingers, knuckles and the backs of my hands. These felt like lava was boiling out of my skin. JustNeem’s Neem Cure oil helped with this too, healing the painful and weird little pressure-cuts.

The most recent unpleasantness has been skin infections under my fingernails, as well as cracked fingertips. After a round of the antibiotics it was starting under a nail again. Fortunately, I discovered that painting Neem oil under my fingernails with the little cuticle-stick-thing (Cuticle Care Pen) knocked it out every time!  I also tried your Neem Lotion. It has been FABULOUS!  Since I started using JustNeem’s lotion, I have not had a single nail infection!!

I have tried countless other skin products for chemo’s strange skin side-effects but only the JustNeem stuff has worked every time.”

Thank you to all our customers. Please keep sending us your Skin Success Stories.  We love to hear from you!