Dr. Peter Radtke

Dr. Peter Radtke, one of the founders of JustNeem, is also our Neem expert.

Peter’s Background

Peter Radtke received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Marburg, Germany. Peter has worked for over 25 years in research and discovery of protein drugs, drug development, and manufacturing for major pharmaceutical companies. In 1997 he and his family moved to North Carolina. Through a group of friends who had been working to bring economic opportunities to Mauritania, West Africa, Peter was introduced to the Neem tree, a hardy tree with potent medicinal properties and a natural, local resource in Mauritania.

Social Responsibility

Recognizing the economic potential and health benefits of these trees for this impoverished Saharan nation, he and his wife Magdalena, together with friends, founded JustNeem, LLC a Body Care company in Cary, North Carolina.

“Our involvement in West Africa is the DNA of JustNeem. Our mission is to help establish Neem, a local resource in Africa, as a solution for economic and ecologic¬† problems”, says Peter. “It is my dream that the trees we are planting in the Sahara desert will transform the environment and the lives of people there.”

JustNeem uses the power of socially responsible and sustainable business to transform people and communities and to solve social, environmental, and health problems.

Formulating JustNeem

Peter and Magda have spent many hours researching and verifying the effects of Neem. Peter has developed many wonderful applications for delivering the benefits of Neem directly to the skin.

“Neem trees are fascinating plants that have a powerful biological defense against many insects, fungi and bacteria. JustNeem harvests these natural substances to create skin care products that effectively protect and heal skin.”

Neem contains oil with very high amounts of active bio-molecules. These bio-molecules hold a variety of beneficial compounds. Well-documented properties of Neem include its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral effects. It’s with this healing oil that is the base of all JustNeem’s products.

Ask Peter!

“Ask Peter” is a column answering your questions about Neem and Neem Skin Treatments. If you are looking to nature for healthy skin, you may find it in the benefits of the Neem Tree. Its rich history as a beauty treatment for the skin goes back thousands of years. Would you like to know how its qualities can restore your healthy skin? Send Peter your questions about Neem and skin care here: [email protected] , Subject: Ask Peter Read some of our earlier questions about dry hands, shaving, and cold sores.