Making Soap

Meet Jeffrey Anderson, the Production Manager at JustNeem. Many mornings when I come to work, Jeffrey has already been there for hours mixing up soap and lotion formulations. On this morning I snuck in to take a few shots of Jeffrey hard at work. Usually you can find him jamming to his favorite tunes while busy making our “Soap Kitchen” smell wonderful.

Jeffrey is originally from Southern California, but has called North Carolina home for over 10 years. As Production Manager for the last 3 years at JustNeem, Jeffrey makes sure that all our products are made with the highest quality natural ingredients. When I asked Jeffery what he loved most about his work, he said:

“Working with Magda and Peter has been great. We’re like a close family.” Jeffrey continued, “Our mission here is an important one and motivates me everyday”.

“I love the fact that what I produce here in our small Soap Kitchen can help so many people all the way in West Africa. The connection between the way Neem Oil has healing properties for skin and the healing we can offer the poor in Mauritania through the sales of our Neem products is awesome.”

Making Soap

On this day Jeffrey was busy making soap. All of our products are made by hand with care and overseen by our “Prince of Production”, Jeffrey. And every product we make includes our signature, healing African Neem Oil or Neem leaves that come from the desert in Mauritania, West Africa. You can read more about our Mission: “Planting Seeds Of Hope

Jeffrey is one cool guy. He always has a quick, smart remark when you ask him a question, followed by a smile. Jeffrey has a beautiful wife and a strong family. He is involved at church, loves music and has a great sense of humor. Working with Jeffrey is one of my favorite things about being with JustNeem. Thanks Jeffrey for all you do!