Dry, peeling skin on your feet is the height of embarrassment!  I should know, I suffered from this malady for several years as a ballet student. Ballet is a beautiful art form but underneath the glamour are many deformed, blistered feet and missing toenails. We ruined our feet in hard-as-rock pointe shoes and bandaged and repaired blistered and calloused toes with sport tape, toe pads and numbing sprays.

As a young teen, I remember very clearly when sandal season began. I would try my best to hide my heels and dry feet from view at school because of their rough, peeling exterior. My grandmother suffered from dry, cracked and peeling feet as well and offered me her many creams. But my skin continuously peeled and cracked for several years. Now, in my 30’s, I consistently care for my precious feet with exfoliation and hydration.


Generally, feet are more dry than the skin on the rest of our bodies. This is because there are no oil glands on our feet. Our feet depend on thousands of sweat glands to stay moisturized. People who are more apt to struggle with really dry skin on their feet are those with diabetes, athletes’ foot and senior adults. The best way to treat this condition is to consistently moisturize.



I have found a way to care for my dry feet and avoid the embarrassment of sandal and flipflop season. My suggestions apply to both men and women. Skin is skin, my friend!

  1. First, use our Green Tea Neem Body Polish. This is best used in the bathtub. Apply a small amount to the bottom of your feet and rub in a circular motion. Then rinse with water and your dead skin cells wash away. Dry your feet.
  2. Next, apply a small amount of our natural Green Tea Neem Lotion. For those with sensitive skin or noses, we have a great Fragrance Free Neem Lotion available. With our Neem Lotions, a little goes a long way. Work the Neem Lotion into the creases and between the toes for all-over hydration on your dry feet.
  3. Then, slap on your fancy, schmancy or handsome foot wear and be proud of your smooth, supple feet and strut your stuff!


Healthy Feet*

I suggest doing this regimen at night before bed just so you don’t slip around in your sandals or flip flops. Also, during the winter months, put on some socks at the end to hold in the moisture. However, it takes just a few minutes, so any time of day is fine.

Our Neem Body Polish come in Wind & Sea and Green Tea. Wind & Sea has sweet notes of fresh fruit with middle notes of lavender and sun-kissed rose. Both fragrances are loved by men and women alike.

Our Neem Lotions come in 4 scents:

Fragrance FreeWind & SeaGreen Tea, and Lavender.