Why use a Neem Soap for Face? Perhaps, the better question is, why not?

Neem Face WashNeem is known for its antibacterial, anti-viralanti-fungal, antihistamine and anti-microbial properties that make it excellent for a gentle, deep clean. As a bonus, our JustNeem Soaps are all glycerin-based which means it moisturizes rather than drying out your skin. Finally, Neem is natural. Neem comes from a Neem Tree and shares all of its healing properties to soothe, calm, clear blemishes and restore your skin’s elasticity.

JustNeem handcrafts all Neem Face Wash Soaps in house by the caring hands of the staff. As a bar soap versus a liquid soap, Neem Face Wash Soaps are unpreserved, last longer than most liquid soaps and are more hygienic. When using a liquid soap, generally you utilize several pumps of soap to ensure that you have plenty of soap to clean your face. However, that can lead to using more soap than is needed and your soap supply diminishes quicker than it would with a bar of soap. Liquid soaps have preservatives to keep the soap from going bad. Natural bar soaps have no need of preservatives. Did you know that Neem soaps have a slightly alkaline ph that your skin can balance out to the optimal ph of 5.5 (skin’s regular ph) in 10-20 minutes? This is great news as optimal ph levels are important for the health of your skin.

Let me give you a little back story of my life with face wash. As a teen, I did not suffer from acne or really any skin issues. However, my mom encouraged my sister and I to wash our face as young teens because, well, that’s what you do. So, I started with the odd-smelling orange Neutrogena in a clear, squat container with a black pump. My face cleaning over the years has not been anything to write home about. In my 20’s and early 30’s I purchased whatever face wash was considered “for sensitive skin” and was the cheapest on the shelf. Most nights, I wrestled with the pros and cons of staying up an extra 2 minutes to wash my make-up and dirt off my face post-server shifts or just crashing and waking up the following day with raccoon eyes and dry, pulled skin.


Now, in my mid-30’s I have a better awareness of the necessity of washing one’s face of dirt and make-up before hitting the pillow. When I was no longer carded at the grocery store, I knew it was time to take my skin care routine seriously. In my youth I turned to liquid soap to clean my face. Yet, I found that my skin was dry often times throughout the day, despite using a moisturizer. When I started working at JustNeem last summer, I was hesitant to use the Neem Soaps as a face wash. It seemed like heresy to use a bar soap when most facial cleansers I have seen in stores are liquid soaps. However, I took the plunge and started with our Green Tea Neem Soap. I was pleasantly surprised. The sweet, gentle smell was pleasant and I noticed pretty quickly that I did not need to reapply lotion to my face throughout the day, specifically during the winter months as I had many times in my 20’s. So, you may think my face was now oily, but that was not the case either. The glycerin-based soap gently cleanses and moisturizes without harsh chemicals. Hence, my once-dry face was at last hydrated. And I love that I can spend $5.50 on a natural Neem Face Wash Soap that lasts longer than its liquid soap counterparts that cost me about the same. In full disclosure, I now use our Coconut Neem Soap; which is heavenly.

-My Nightly Routine-

When I am being a responsible adult, I first wipe off all my eye make-up with a make-up remover wipe. Some can exfoliate too, but they are a little too harsh for my skin. Remember to cleanse with a Neem Face Wash Soap after. Make-up remover and wipes are not the final step to achieve the healthiest skin. They contain alcohol which allows your face to dry quickly, but also dries out your face. The skin on our face needs lots of water. The wipes do not unclog pores and remove impurities from your face like washing and rinsing with a face wash will. Then, I lather the bar soap in my hands and rub on my face. I rinse off the suds and pat dry before I moisturize. However, I may start using a facial pad or facial pad in cahoots with my Neem Face Wash Soap to exfoliate and deep clean. To help your bar soap last longer, let it dry out on a soap holder with plenty of drainage holes. This will extend the life of your Neem Face Wash Soap.


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