If you have acne, you’d probably love to clear up your skin with a natural treatment. We all would! A natural, skin-soothing treatment that clears my face? We’d be all over that, right? That’s why we love Neem oil.

Natural Acne Treatment


In this blog we’ll explore what causes acne. Then we’ll look at conventional treatments for acne, how they effect the skin and how they compare to using Neem oil, and introduce JustNeem’s Acne Treatment Kit, AcNeem.

First, let’s take a look at what causes acne…

What causes Acne?

The common form of acne develops as a result of blockages in skin follicles. This results from pores getting clogged with dead skin cells and sebum, an oily/waxy substance that is secreted by microscopic sebaceous glands in the skin.

The natural function of these glands is to lubricate and waterproof the skin and hair. But when they become clogged with sebum and dead skin cells, naturally occurring bacteria and fungi (like Propionibacterium acnes and Malassezia, formerly known as Pityrosporum) that are present on most people’s skin flora start feeding on fatty acids in clogged pores, where they can cause inflammation, redness, scarring or hyper-pigmentation – this is what we typically recognize as acne.

515_Acne_formation*         Before and After*

Conventional Acne Treatments & Their Effects on Skin

Conventional acne treatments work in at least 4 different ways, with higher-quality treatments providing multiple, simultaneous effects:

  1. Normalizing shedding into the pore to prevent blockage
  2. Killing bacteria and fungi
  3. Anti-inflammatory treatment
  4. Hormonal manipulation

The most common treatments for acne take the second approach. They use benzoyl peroxide and antibiotics to combat the bacteria that feed on the clogged pores.

Peroxides form highly reactive radicals that react with organic matter, including bacteria and fungi, thereby killing these microorganisms. These chemicals are also used for bleaching and, while they kill bacteria, they also destroy skin cells, which is why they are also used as a peeling agent. Benzoyl peroxide’s side effects include extreme dryness of the skin, redness, and peeling. People with sensitive skin may also suffer burning, itching, and possibly swelling of the skin.

More severe cases of acne are treated with topical or oral formulations of antibiotics such as tetracycline, erythromycin, clindamycin, and minocycline. However, antibiotics target only the bacterial aspect of acne, and due to a rapid increase of resistance, their effectiveness is becoming very limited. The list of side effects of antibiotic is long, but most troubling is their tendency to induce resistance.

Acne is caused by bacterial or fungal infection of the pores that leads to inflammation. And conventional treatments have harsh side effects and often lead to more problems.

So, is there a natural alternative that can help? We need something that’s naturally anti-bacterial and antifungal, and something that also helps reduce the inflammation caused by the irritated skin. It turns out Neem oil is one of the best natural treatments for acne. It has all the properties we need, without the negative side effects.

Natural Acne Treatment with Neem Oil

Studies show that the Neem tree has powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that are a natural treatment for acne. There are many reasons it is beneficial and nourishing to the skin.


First of all, Neem oil and Neem leaves contain a cocktail of very potent, plant-derived anti-bacterial and anti-fungal molecules. These natural, botanical antibiotics and anti-fungals are part of the Neem tree’s defense system, protecting it from bacterial and fungal diseases.

Neem is also rich in Vitamin E, known to protect and repair skin. Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that neutralizes the free radicals that damage collagen and result in skin dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles.

When incorporated into skin care products, Neem extracts can inhibit bacterial and fungal growth and also show anti-inflammatory properties. However, unlike benzoyl peroxide, Neem does not destroy skin cells and therefore does not result in dry skin. This is an important aspect, since dry skin is prone to breakage and becomes easily re-infected, thus perpetuating the cycle of infection, inflammation, and skin damage.

Neem oil and Neem pastes lubricate the skin and provide the nourishment it needs to become and stay elastic and strong. In addition, since Neem’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal molecules operate by several different mechanisms to synergistically stop bacterial and fungal growth, they cannot induce resistance.

An additional aspect of Neem is that it has been shown to facilitate wound healing providing an additional benefit to stressed and broken skin, that needs to be restored quickly so it can function as a protective barrier.

JustNeem’s AcNeem Kit, a Natural Solution for Teen and Adult Acne

Based on these principles, JustNeem has developed the natural and effective AcNeem line consisting of a five-step natural acne regiment.

AcNeem products provide the beneficial properties of Neem discussed above and are fortified with other naturally occurring components that are known to combat acne such as acetyl salicylic acid (ASA), commonly known as salicylic acid and originally found in the bark of willow trees.

JustNeem’s AcNeem solution is great for all skin types. It is noncomedogenic and easy to use!

See what our Customers have to Say about AcNeem:

“I have been suffering from hormonal adult acne. I started using this kit 5 days ago and my face is clear! Not one new blemish and all of the others are gone and even the scars are diminishing. This is truly a miracle product! Even my husband was shocked at the transformation in only 5 days of use. I have used all of the products as directed and it all smells wonderful to boot!” -Trisha

“I love the way my skin feels after using this soap [AcNeem Daily Cleanser]! After one use, I noticed the next morning my acne spots were less red and already fading away.” -Lars

“I love this toner. I have been using it for two weeks and it has helped in keeping my adult acne in CONTROL. I love the way it tingles on my skin and makes my skin feel refreshed. I just ordered two more bottles. The BEST STUFF EVER!!” -Mrs. B