Age spots or liver spots as some call them, are black, brown or gray flat patches or pieces of skin, generally on areas of the body that have been exposed to the sun or other ultraviolet rays (tanning beds). Specifically, they are caused by excess melanin production. They do not discriminate their victims based on age, race or gender. However, people with fair skin over the age of 40 are most likely to be hit with the discoloration. While age spots are not dangerous, they can cover up a more serious skin concern, such as cancer. So, it is always good to have a medical doctor examine a suspicious spot. If the discoloration is purely an age spot, there are several ways to reduce the abnormality.

Lighten your Age Spots with JustNeem products


Choose One or Try All Three!

JustNeem Spot Treatment was designed as an Acne treatment for pimples and breakouts. But years of customer experience have shown that it brightens ages pots like nothing else, especially when they appear on the face. Roll on once or twice a day.

JustNeem Green Tea Lotion was meant for moisturizing body and face, but over time we found it to be a perfect solution for a brighter more even skin tone. Use twice daily or more frequent.

JustNeem Neem Cure Oil is the oil of all oils! It has so many benefits for your skin that it should not be missed here. It is one of the front runners for brightening age spots and healthy skin. Use twice a day.


I have used so many products for my age spots and nothing has worked like the JustNeem Spot Treatment. It somehow happened by accident that I used it on my face but it has made such a difference that I carry this little bottle around with me where ever I go. Fabulous product!


I used Green Tea Neem Lotion on only my left arm to be able to compare whether the JustNeem lotion was really making any difference to my age spots.  I used the lotion faithfully twice a day for one month. What I discovered convinced me!

I had a spot frozen on my face in the middle of a very large brown spot caused by the sun. This spot was pink and wasn’t healing so I used Neem Cure. After a few days I realized it had not only healed, but was fading the brown spot, too! I’ve spent lots of money on products trying to fade age spots. I’ve used Neem Cure for two weeks and can’t believe how light my spots are getting!”