Neem Oil for Cold Sores*

A customer asks:

Dear Dr. Peter,

Do you have any experience with cold sores and Neem oil? Can I put it directly on my lip? What if I lick it? Will it help with the pain and infection?

Thanks! AngieDr. Peter answers:

Dear Angie,

As you probably know, a cold sore is caused by a virus. Neem is well known to have antiviral properties. It is also an all natural product from the Neem Tree. For cold sores, we recommend using JustNeem’s Lip Gleem or our Neem Cure Neem Oil.

neem oil*JustNeem Cure Neem Oil is an all-around product that can be used for any skin blemishes, including cold sores. It has the highest content of Neem  and comes with a convenient dropper. One drop is all it takes for a cold sore on your lip. Apply Neem Cure Neem Oil 3 to 4 times a day and you will see a decrease in swelling, redness, and discomfort in not very long. This blend of Neem, Jojoba and Essential oils will absorb quickly into your skin and is harmless if a small amount is ingested. However, Neem Cure has been created for external use and we do not recommend using it on soft tissue or internally.

mint neem lip balm

JustNeem’s Lip Gleem is made with potent Sub-Saharan Neem, a blend of oils and butters. and natural Vitamin E. It will keep your lips moisturized and elastic and will help prevent lips to crack when used on a regular basis (several times a day), especially during this cold winter weather. Smooth, intact lips are the best barrier for cold sore infections.

We hope your cold sore will be better soon!

Best, Dr. Peter