You may know that we make our skin and body care products in Cary, North Carolina using Neem from Mauritania, West Africa. You may not know that we develop our products through our project “Planting Seeds of Hope.”

The purpose of this project is to provide independence and economic security to those in this impoverished area of the Sahara Desert through the harvesting of Neem leaves, fruit, and oil. Read more about our Mission and then enjoy these new photos!

We are thrilled to share these recent photos of our Neem Tree Orchard in Mauritania, West Africa.

Neem Tree Orchard - Africa

In the foreground you can see our water well that is powered by a solar water pump. In the field behind the pump there is a mixture of Mango trees and Neem trees and some low lying Jatropha. Jatropha is another drought-resistant plant that is rich in oil and used for bio diesel.

Neem Tree Orchard Young Trees

Look closely and see all the young Neem trees planted in rows. These are last years seedlings now planted in the desert ground. Over 1,000 trees have been planted. It will take approximately five years for the these trees to mature enough to produce flowers and fruit.

Young Neem Tree

Here is Aamadu Keneme, our Neem Tree Project Manager in Mauritania standing next to a Neem tree planted in 2011.

Neem Tree Seedlings

Hundreds of Neem tree seedlings ready to be planted in the orchard.

Mango Tree Hybrid

In our Neem Orchard, we also plant Mango Trees. The Mango Trees shown here are a hybrid of a tree whose root systems thrives in dry hot climates and one that produces glorious fruits. These trees will eventually produce enough fruit to produce a food source for families and an income, selling fruit in the local market.

Mango Tree

Here is Aamadu standing next to a Mango tree planted in 2011. As you can see, these trees grow fast.

Thank You For Your Support

10 % of our profit is reinvested in our Planting Seeds Of Hope project in Africa. Through our customers we are able to provide independence and economic security to those in Mauritania, plant thousands of trees in the Sahara Desert, and share the wonders of African Neem with you.