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Neem and Contact Dermatitis

For the first 3 months, our grandson Lukas was not a very happy baby. He cried until he was horse, spat up all that he drank and cried non stop, because he was forever hungry.

At the and of her wits, my daughter went dairy free to test if he was struggling with lactose intolerance. Sure enough, his spitting calmed down, he slept more than he was awake and become a much happier baby.

Not long after that, on a hot summer day, he was wearing only a diaper, he developed a rash on his belly and back. We could watch the rash increase according to where our hands touched his little body. him.  The pediatrician suggested to use a light steroidal cream and that helped. He explained that Lukas had developed contact dermatitis, another sign of his super sensitive immune system.

To keep his skin calm in between uses of the cortisone cream, my daughter started using JustNeem Fragrance Free Lotion. When his skin got too dry, she added a drop of Neem Cure. 

Ever since then, JustNeem Fragrance Free lotion and Neem Cure sit right on his changing table. These two products have become a staple in lil' Lukas' skin care routine. They keep his skin hydrated, calm the itch and have reduce the irritations to a barely visible state.