We know there has been a lot of talk around the benefits of self-care for your overall health. Long before self-isolating we’ve been reminding you of the ability of self-care to boost your immune system and comfort your mind and body. However, with the COVID-19 crisis in mind, we have been experimenting on new ways to still engage in self-care when it might be a little more difficult to do so.

You might already have a self-care routine in place. Reading a book, going for a walk, meditating or even cooking a healthy meal are all great ways to unwind and remind yourself of positive, healthy thoughts. However, we know some days are harder than others. During these days neglecting self-care seems like the easiest way to go, but it is important to continue promoting relaxation and wellness, especially on those days.

Here are a couple of simple ways to still engage in self-care during times of crisis:

TAKE A BATH. A bath is more than a relaxing way to practice good hygiene. A good bath soothes and relieves tension from our mind and body. Our personal favorite way to prepare our bath routine includes warm water, a candle, and our 100% natural Neem Tub Tea – Bath Supplement.

HAVE A HEALTHY DRINK. Having a good, healthy drink before bed or throughout the day can help with stress, digestion, and energy levels. We have been indulging with our new Neem Tea which helps strengthen your immune system and works as a natural anti-viral and anti-inflammatory for you.

SIT OUTSIDE. Going for a walk and getting your body moving is great, but sometimes even doing so can seem like a chore. So, take a few minutes to simply go outside your house, whether that is your backyard or front porch, get to observe the world around you, be grateful for the day, or simply just be still and breathe the outside air. Don’t forget to envelop your skin with our Adios Outdoor Spray for a more peaceful experience outdoors.

Lastly, remember to seek help when needed. If distress impacts your daily activities for several days or weeks contact a professional.

We hope everyone stays safe and healthy out there. Comment below and share your current wellness routine and the things you are doing to stay healthy. For more about Just Neem products, skincare tips, and more check out our Pinterest boards. Stay in touch! Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram (@justneem).