Cuticle and Nail Care Pen with Neem

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Cuticle and Nail Care Pen

Strengthen and repair your nails with our softening + hydrating (not to mention, best-selling) Cuticle Care Pen. Did we mention it’s all-natural? The days of dry cuticles and split nails are a thing of the past!

  • Ideal for Breakage-Prone Cuticles and Hangnails
  • Easy-to-use Brush Applicator Pen with Bottom Twist to Refill
  • Oils Quickly Absorb into Skin + Nails
  • Sustainably Sourced, Made in the USA
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Best-selling, and for good reason

Besides the fact that our Cuticle Care Pen is all-natural, it soothes and repairs your nails when they seem beyond fixing. Hangnails and broken cuticles don’t stand a chance against this pen. We have carefully curated a combination of neem, moisturizing sweet almond oil, sunflower and coconut oil to keep your nails and cuticles looking great!

Safe for All Skin Types

All Just Neem products are 100% natural and made with only the highest grade ingredients, including cosmetic grade fragrances and healing neem -- after all, you deserve the best!

How to Use

This potent blend comes in an easy-to-use brush applicator pen so you can apply directly to the desired area. Simply twist the bottom to load and refill the brush tip, and the oils will be absorbed into the skin and nails in flash. Before you know it, your nails will be stronger, your cuticles more elastic and your hangnails gone.


Neem-infused Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Fragrance Oil

Sustainably Sourced, Fair Trade, Made in the USA.

Additional information

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15 reviews for Cuticle and Nail Care Pen with Neem

  1. Anne Cheri

    I got this in a subscription box and it’s by far my favorite thing that ever came in that box. My nails always used to peel whenever I removed my polish, but once I started consistently using this, they didn’t, and overall they look much smoother and healthier. I wasn’t expecting much from this product, so I was very pleasantly surprised. Definitely recommend!

  2. marilyn.

    highly recommend this pen it works sooo good <3

  3. Nina

    This is amazing! My cuticles were so dry and now they are nourished!

  4. Marnie

    I love love love the Neem cuticle pen. My cuticles have never felt so soft and smooth!! <3

  5. Janelle

    A really convenient and handy pen to keep on hand! It is easy to remember to take better care of your cuticles with this pen. The oil is nice and moisturizing and the bristles disperse just the right amount. Love to use this pen.

  6. Licia Miles

    I really enjoyed using this product! My cuticles were dull and this really brought them back to life. It’s also super convenient to carry in my bag. Great product!

  7. Cassie Cunning

    Love this product, I use it for my cuticles but I believe it is making my nails 10x stronger. They are not as flimsy as they were before I started using this pen.

  8. Connie Merritt

    I love my Cuticle Care Pen with Neem Oil. It has been so good for my nails. I am very impressed with how well it works for my nails. My cuticles were dry and ragged looking but now they look great thanks to this Nail Pen. It is easy and fast for me to use. The best part is it is effective for me! I also have sensitive skin and this has been great! I use it before bed too. I am going to try it on my toes next!

  9. Polina

    This cuticle care pen is amazing! It’s very easy to use due to a twist applicator. The product gets absorbed very fast, so my hands don’t get oily or messy, which makes the product usable any time during the day. It has a distinct sweet scent, which I like. My fingers and toes look much more looked after ever since I stated using the cuticle care pen (about 10 days ago).

  10. Tiffany C

    Wow this pen is a godsend. I had dry, cracked cuticles but this helped so much! Easy to apply and I am very happy with the results! I highly recommend this pen!

  11. Jennifer Davis

    I love that I can keep it in my purse and use it on the go! Both my daughter & I use it. It has helped our cuticles heal. It easy to use & compact.

  12. Alifeingeneral

    My ragged cuticles thank you greatly for such an awesome oil!

  13. Kelly Strang

    This is more of a question than a review, so please remove if not appropriate. The cuticle pen is Neem oil in a different container, correct??
    I am slowly becoming addicted to Neem oil and find new ways to use it every day. It is a
    great product. I look forward to seeing refill bottles so I can stop wasting the spray and dropper pieces. thanks for a great product.

    • magda (verified owner)

      Hi Kelly, The Cuticle Care Pen is made with Neem leaf extract and the Neem Cure Oil is made with Neem seed extract (Neem oil). Neem Cure Oil is more potent and designed to treat skin conditions that need healing. The Cuticle Care Pen keeps the cuticles moisturized, elastic and helps prevent inflammation or infections. Magda

  14. Joanie

    Oh my …. I never want to be without one of these again!! No more little cuticle snags that beg to be “ripped or bitten” off. I use mine after my hands have been in water and right before bed. Can’t say enough about how wonderful Justneem products are!

    • Angie Burns

      Yay! We’re so thrilled to hear that you’re finding a solution for your nails. This is also great as an on-the-go spot treatment! It’s perfect to keep in your purse/bag for travel.

      Thanks, Joanie!

  15. Anjeanette

    Put a Neem cuticle pen in your purse, you will never again have dry or cracked cuticles again. So long as you actually remember to use it! Helps with fungal or bacterial problems in the nail beds too. Use on your toes as well!!!

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