Wind & Sea Neem Lotion – Face & Body

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  • Perfect for Sensitive, Dry, Distressed Skin
  • With Jojoba, Coconut and Sunflower Oils
  • Soaks in Deeply; Repairs, Hydrates, Protects
  • Safe for All Skin Types
  • Sustainably Sourced, Fair Trade, Made in the USA

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Wind & Sea Neem Lotion

Our all-natural, chemical free, Wind & Sea Neem Lotion contains a rich blend of moisturizing Jojoba, Coconut and Sunflower Oils that soak deep into the skin, while the high-potency Neem goes to work repairing, hydrating and protecting your skin.

Why Neem in Lotion? Neem has been used in skincare for centuries throughout ancient India as a natural beauty product and healing remedy. By nurturing your skin with antioxidant rich compounds and protecting it with antimicrobial properties, Neem works its wonders to restore your skin to its fullest potential. Neem is loaded with Vitamin E, Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, hydrating lipids, anti-oxidant rich compounds and emollients that restore skin’s elasticity, combat topical inflammation and infections and deeply nourish the skin. With this lotion, you’re doing more than moisturizing, you’re healing and applying a protective shield against the elements.

About the Fragrance: Wind & Sea Fragrance has sweet notes of fresh fruit with middle notes of lavender and sun-kissed rose. The subtle amber base note brings in just the right balance to make this a fresh, luxurious fragrance.

Safe for All Skin Types. Our Neem Lotions are made with high-potency West African Neem, the highest-grade oils and cosmetic grade fragrances — after all, you deserve the best!

Sustainably Sourced, Fair Trade, Made in the USA.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 8 in

Distilled Water (Aqua), Neem-infused Sunflower Oil (Azadirachta Indica and Helianthus Annuus), Emulsifying Wax, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Phenoxyethanol & Caprylyl Glycol, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Fragrance Oil

Smooth on to face and body daily after showering and cleansing face. For best results pair with our Wind & Sea Neem Soap. Massage into dry spots like elbows, knees and heels for extra protection. A little goes a long way, so start with one squirt from your lotion pump bottle and go from there,

Mix 1-2 drops of Neem Cure with your Wind & Sea Neem Lotion into your palm and apply to face, neck and body for long-lasting hydration and as an anti-blemish serum.





22 reviews for Wind & Sea Neem Lotion – Face & Body

  1. Sharon Smith

    Love the Neem Wind and Sea lotion, and the soap to go with it. Also love the Coconut soap too. I have been using the Neem products for a very long time, and I have never found anything better for my skin. I also love the skin polish and the actual Neem oil. The oil works great for every cut, abrasion, bruise, acne break outs, and any other skin concerns that you might have. Neem is very healing, and you just know you are giving your skin the best treatment possible when you use these products. I am in my 60’s and have used the oil and acne kit for the occasional adult acne which I never had in the younger part of my life. Go figure, Ha! But since I have been using these products my skin is flawless, and I have compliments on it all of the time. My girlfriends grilled me so often about my great skin, ( I think they thought I had work done), that I bought all of them Neem products for their birthdays. Now they are hooked on it too! You can’t go wrong here, this is a great company with great products and Customer Service to match. How often do you find that these days?

  2. Dina

    Great lotion! Nice fresh scent – not overpowering at all! I suffer from skin fungus due to auto-immune disorders and it has helped. Only issue is they need to make a larger bottle, atleast 12oz.

  3. Stephanie K

    I really like the scent of this lotion. It’s clean, fresh, and lingers just enough to not be overwhelming. It feels wonderful on my skin. It’s not heavy or greasy. It soaks in quickly and my skin feels soft, clean, and almost an airy feeling to it. It’s also done wonders for my rough heels. I put it on after my showers and then put some heavy socks on so it can really get them soft. Great lotion all around!

  4. Erica

    I love the feel of this lotion! Not greasy at all and it’s so nourishing!

  5. Angela

    I ordered the fragrance free lotion. Love this lotion! I was struggling with eczema on my legs and on my eyelids and I wanted something natural that could be used near my eyes. This lotion helped tremendously. Way better than using the expensive prescription cream that has cautions and warnings. Recommend to anyone suffering with dry skin or eczema. Soothing and love the texture of this lotion.

  6. kaveh j minab

    hi,very best lotion for moisturing and eczema

  7. Julia

    Best lotion ever! Completely healed my eczema on my knees!

  8. Gloria

    I think I found a winner. The lotion is amazing….. Simply amazing. I purchase enough to receive a free gift and it was a full size soap….. Awesome. And Jordan was the customer service person that put the finishing touch on it all thank you Jordan and happy holidays to all.

  9. Shauna

    I have psoriasis. It is mainly on my hands and elbows. Anyone who suffers with psoriasis can relate to the dry, itchy skin associated with it. It can be a nightmare! Since I started using JustNeem lotion on my skin – I have seen an amazing transformation! It has been a true godsend! It absorbs quickly and leaves my skin silky smooth all day. I cannot say enough wonderful things about it. I LOVE the Wind & Sea scent because it is soft and refreshing.

    • magda

      Thank you, Shauna! That is awesome! So glad the lotion is helping!

  10. Liz

    When I first used this lotion, I was surprised by the texture – it was thinner than some of the drug store lotions I am used to. It absorbed quickly into my skin, and at first I was disappointed because I was used to the feel of heavier, greasier lotions. Then I realized how smooth and moisturized my skin felt. The essential oils penetrate the skin, leaving a fresh, soft feeling that lasts all day.

    I love Wind and Sea, but using the Lavender scent before bed is a relaxing way to end the day.

  11. Kim

    I have battled a severe case of contact dermatitis on my right hand for the past several years.These outbreaks cause painful oozing blisters and intense burning and itching. I recently purchased the Neem Lotion and in just 72 hours the blisters have dried up and the dead skin is flaking off and my hand is not burning and itching. Dramatic improvement with the skin on my hand. I also have a type of yeast infection on my skin-facial area- that caused red itchy bumps that weeped and scabbed over. I had a prescription for a anti fungal cream with low dose of steroid- which helped but kind of worried me a bit because of the steroid possibly thinning my skin with long time use. Started applying the Neem lotion to the affected area and it is working better than the prescription cream- skin has calmed down tremendously (72 hours after use!). Using it all over my face as well and it is a great moisturizer!

  12. Tanya

    I’ve only been using this lotion for a couple of days, and have already noticed a difference in my skin’s softness. It’s working wonders on my rough, dry heals as well. Love the Wind & Sea scent. Will be back for more!!!

  13. Karen N

    My daughter started using Neem products and we have seen a dramatic change in her skin. I have tried several products and so far I absolutely love this product by far over any other product. Thanks Magda for all your help!!!!!!

  14. Katie

    Neem lotion is my luxurious lotion choice for when my skin is desperate for moisture (as in the winter) or healing (as in the summer when burned). I LOVE this lotion…cannot say it enough – it’s the best I’ve ever used! Wind & Sea is the most refreshing, clean scent.

  15. Nicole K.

    I found out about Neem after watching the Dr. OZ show. I got so excited about the possibility of getting rid of the eczema that has persisted on my arms since I was a child. I was always told there was nothing I could do about it. My dermatologist suggested an over the counter lotion but it only smoothed my skin and did not take the redness away. I’ve only been using the Neem lotion and body soap for two days and I can already see a different in my skin. The spots are my arms that were less severe have almost completely cleared and the other spots seem to get lighter everyday. I’m so excited to see what it will do long term.

    I also wanted to applaud you on your customer service. When I first tried to order the website was not cooperating due to high traffic. After emailing, I got a quick response and also an update when the site was working again. It’s this kind of customer service and great product that will keep me, not only coming back but also telling all of my friends about it.

  16. Lars

    Got sunburn and used the Wind & Sea lotion day and night and my skin did not peel like usual after a burn. Really nice!

  17. Hope E.

    The lotion and neem soap have totally, miraculously transformed my life-time severe dry skin. Feet and hands have been such a self-esteem issue….not anymore. I cannot believe this has CHANGED my skin. Nothing else has ever done what this product does. I use the lotion on my feet after a shower/bath, and the soap at the kitchen sink where I am frequently washing my hands.

  18. PD

    Great lotion but I don’t like the “Lovely Summer” fragrance…it smells like grass to me. I don’t like the “Fresh” soap fragrance as it smells like men’s cologne, but the Wind and Sea is good. Apricot is 2nd best to Wind and Sea.

  19. Pam D.

    Have had dry cracked feet most of my life. Tried all the “healing” lotions at the drug stores. While they made my skin LOOK better for an hour or two, they never really healed the skin.

    I started using JustNeem Wind & Sea lotion on my feet after showers and baths and this lotion actually started healing my dry cracked skin after about one week (5 times) of use.

    I like to wear the Capezio leather ballet dance flats around the house (with orthotic inserts) for great comfort and putting on the JustNeem lotion with the ballet flats pampers my feet perfectly. Have not tried the other fragrances.

  20. Lori

    Love! Love! Love! This product! The lotion makes my skin feel amazing! And my favorite scent is the apricot!!!!

  21. Anjeanette

    Perfect for skin issues of any sort and a great consistency for everything from head to toe, even between the toes!

  22. Nancy

    Excellent for face, hands, and body; I have used JustNeem lotion since the very beginning of the company and can’t say enough good things about the product or the people behind the product. Thanks, Magda and Peter, and I hope for your continued success with the products and the mission!

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