Children Around The World

Children often show us a glimpse of the important things in life with such simplicity and grace. It is refreshing to see a child who wants to help someone or give something to someone that has less than them. This time of year we all become keenly aware of what we have and what others may not.

The Giving Heart of a Child

Eden-USAHere is a little exchange that we helped to facilitate on behalf of a sweet 5 year old child, Eden from North Carolina.

Eden had a pretty pink scooter and wanted to find it a good home. She was about to get a new bicycle and wanted to give her beloved scooter to someone that didn’t have one. We told Eden that we knew of a little girl that lived all the way in West Africa that would love her scooter.

Eden was thrilled at the idea. We were happy to deliver the pink scooter to Marian who lives in Mauritania, West Africa.

Here is an interview we had with Eden after we shared a photo of Marian riding the scooter.

Q: Why did you want to give your scooter away?

A: “Because I didn’t use it that much and I have a bike I can ride.”

Q: Why did you want to send it to Africa?

A: “Because a little girl was poor and I thought she would like it.”

Q: Why did you want to give it to someone poor?

A: “Because they don’t have anything and they could share it with their friends and family.”

Q: How did it make you feel to give your scooter to someone who doesn’t have much?

A: “Good. Because giving it to someone poor makes my body feel good.”

Q: What did you think about the picture of the little girl and the scooter?



A: “She was pretty.”

Q: Did she look happy to have the scooter?

A: “Yes, really happy.”

Q: How did that make you feel?

A: “Really happy and good.”

Q: Why do you think people should give things to the poor?

A: “Because they don’t have much and to be nice and make them feel happy to get something.”

Q: What did you think about the bracelets Marian’s mom made and sent for you?

A: “Beautiful. I’ve never seen those pretty beads before. I felt bad that she used up her beads but it was very nice.”