What is Neem? 

Benefits of Just Neem Products

We love Neem for skin because of its gentle and very effective nurturing and healing properties. It is perfect for daily use and every skin type.

  • Our formulations are unique because of their dual and triple benefits. Neem in combination with other natural ingredients, we have found, make all the difference in skin care.
  • After much research and many trial runs, we have found a way to complement and/or bypass Neem’s strong herbal smell. Our fragrances are one of the finest which makes our products quite different from other Neem skin care products.
  • A customer once said: “Neem really works for my skin. And your Neem products I actually feel comfortable wearing, because they smell amazing!”

Just Neem in Beauty

“There is one Ayurveda product for younger looking skin. This herb is Neem.”  Dr. Oz. Fighting the signs of aging are one of Neem’s main achievements.”

  • High levels of antioxidants for younger skin
  • Extremely high Omega 6 & 9 fatty acids. These acids
    • Lessen UV damage
    • Reduce the signs of aging
    • Seal in moisture
    • Regulate oil production decreases inflammation
  • High levels of Vitamin E
    • Neutralizes free radicals that can damage skin
    • Reduce wrinkles and microscopic cracks
  • Ability to reduces acne breakouts by killing bacteria on skin’s surface

Just Neem for Healthy Skin

Neem trees produce a cocktail of molecules in their leaves and seeds that have potent properties. Scientific studies have shown Neem to have  healing properties:


  • Antibacterial – destroying the growth of bacteria
  • Antiviral – inhibits the growth of viruses
  • Anti-fungal – inhibits the growth of fungi
  • Analgesic – providing pain relief
  • Anti-inflammatory – reduce certain signs of inflammation, swelling or redness
  • Antimicrobial – destroying the growth of microorganisms
  • Anti-histamine – reduce topical itches and irritations
  • Natural ability to deter biting insects

The Neem Tree’s History in Skin Care

The history of Neem tree can be traced back to the ancient Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro civilizations in India and Pakistan. These civilizations, along with ancient Egypt were considered the “Cradles of Civilization” (circa 2600 – 1900 BC). Nearly 5000 years ago the Neem tree was being used for its medicinal properties in households in these South Asian countries. The earliest writings of using Neem in daily life was first recorded in Sanskrit in the ancient Indian scriptures of traditional medicine called the Charak Samhita and Sushruta Samhita.

For centuries, Indians planted the Neem tree in the vicinity of their homes and used its leaves, branches and oil for daily Ayurveda medicinal practices. It’s small branches were chewed on to keep teeth and mouths clean of bacteria and gum disease. For women in particular, Neem proved an invaluable source of health, hygiene and beauty that was freely available. Having a bath steeped in Neem leaves kept their skin supple and healthy. Neem leaf powder or crushed leaves incorporated into their face packs provided emollient and anti-aging action. The antiseptic properties of Neem leaf extracts helped in controlling pimples and acne.

The Neem tree has a rich history and incredible variety of beneficial properties. Every part of the tree contains some level of active compounds, which have been found to be useful in organic and natural cosmetics, medicine and agriculture.

Neem Oil is derived from the seeds of the Neem fruit. Neem Oil and Neem leaves are the most common forms in which Neem is used since they are renewable. Harvesting the Neem Oil and leaves does not harm the fast-growing tree. Steeped in the traditions of time, Neem is becoming indispensable to those looking for an effective natural remedy.

JustNeem uses African Neem harvested from our Neem Tree Orchard in Mauritania, Africa- and there is a reason for that. The Company’s orchard of high-potency Neem trees is a resource and benefit that other producers of Neem-based skin care products do  not have.

Early on, JustNeem commissioned scientific research to identify the various strains of the Neem tree.  One strain was found to have special characteristics, including about 40% more potency than any others tested.  That high-potency Neem tree was found among the Neem trees in West Africa.   Dr. Radtke then identified a special location nearby and established a Neem tree orchard with only those high-potency Neem trees.

In planning and developing the orchard we worked collaboratively with local villagers and nonprofit organizations to assure our orchard and our work there would help protect the environment and improve the lives of local villagers through better nutrition, education, health care and economic development.


The Science of Neem

Neem has stood the test of time. And now, researchers have begun systematically laying out the process of how it all works. Researchers have isolated around 150 of Neem’s compounds, or Neem’s powerful blend. Imagine 150 different compounds working together to protect the Neem tree from bacteria, fungus, bugs, and other threats found in nature! One of Neem’s incredible advantages is this complexity of its compounds.

The Neem tree has more than 100 healing properties that are excellent for skin care, specifically for problem skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, or acne. Neem is super potent and should not be used in its raw form. JustNeem addresses this by infusing it into a vast line of skin care products, which gives Neem a vehicle to nourish your skin.

Neem oil is the part of the Neem tree that is most discussed in online articles and in research reports. Cold-pressed Neem oil is a dark brown oil, somewhat viscous, that hardens at or below room temperature. It has a strong herbal, if not garlicky smell that makes it hard to use for skincare without the help of other complimentary oils that mask its natural smell.
Read more about the Science of Neem on our Blog.


All products found on JustNeem’s website are intended for topical use only.  If needed, consult a physician before using our or any natural product.  JustNeem products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness or medical condition.