What Mauritania Means to Us

When you think of the Neem Tree, the first thing you think of might be Just Neem. Or maybe the first thing you think of is the abundance of neem trees in India. When we think about neem (which is a lot), we are taken on a journey to Mauritania, West Africa every single time. In a lot of ways, Mauritania is the heart of Just Neem – and we can’t wait to tell you why!

Mauritania, West Africa

Bordering the Atlantic Ocean in Northwestern Africa lies a community that makes everything we do at Just Neem possible. Mauritania, West Africa is predominantly made up of deserts, meaning it is a perfect place for neem trees to grow. While this country can go years without getting a drop of rain, Just Neem is working with the people of Mauritania to build a better future and give back to the community.

JustNeem Orchard

The Neem Tree

Who doesn’t love an underdog? The neem tree is built for hot, dry climates that regular ole trees can’t survive easily in. Besides thriving in arid environments, the neem tree is also great at lowering carbon dioxide and even better at giving off shade. We could go on and on about the benefits the neem tree has for your skin – and we do,  here. But to sum it up, virtually every part of the neem tree is rich in benefits. The bark, leaves, and seeds have internal and external uses that can be as simple as a bug bite or as important as improving your immune system.


Just Neem Orchard

Our Just Neem Orchard is really where the magic happens. We love providing farmers with a livable wage and being a resource to the people of Mauritania. We also love how much our orchard contributes to the environment. Harvesting leaves, oil, bark and more from the neem tree gives us the ability to make our amazing, all-natural skincare products! We had the opportunity to build a solar water pump and water tower, but we didn’t stop there. We also see the value behind educating Mauritania locals on the variety of benefits neem offers.

JustNeem Hat

The Mauritania Community

Harvesting neem in Mauritania not only allows us to make and sell our natural Just Neem products, but it provides relief to the community as well. Just Neem is dedicated to creating jobs in the Mauritania community and improving the economy. The good news is, you don’t have to make the trip all the way to Mauritania to make a difference in their community. 10 percent of every Just Neem purchase goes right back to the Just Neem orchard. When you shop Just Neem, YOU are making a difference!


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