The Adios Outdoor Body Spray is truly a customer favorite. Whether you’re an avid griller or an adventurous mountain climber, the Adios Outdoor Spray is here to get you through all of your outdoor fun.

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Adios effectively combines potent Neem oil with a powerful blend of essential oils to provide long lasting protection during your outdoor fun. Adios is all natural, safe and effective. Get back outside!

Customer Testimonials

Cynthia – wasn’t so sure at first…  

“I was skeptical when I purchased my first bottle at a local store, but went on to buy five more to spread around to my friends. It does a wonder to keep the ticks, mosquitoes, and ants away out here in the wilds of Chatham County, NC. (Soothes any other little nicks and scratches one might have, too.)”

Janine – liberated from those deer flies! 

“Adios Outdoor spray keeps away those very aggressive biting deer flies that show up in May here on the eastern shore in Maryland. My husband has a very severe allergic reaction to them. Now he can enjoy the outdoors without fear of being bitten.”

Anjeanette – flourishing and enjoying the garden again… plus, beating fleas, naturally!

“I will never again work in the yard or do any outdoor activity without my Adios! Last summer I was bitten several times by mosquitoes and found out after my eye swelled shut that I became allergic to mosquito bites. That was the one time I forgot to spray on the Adios. I was just going out to clean off the back porch and was only outside for a few minutes. When I spray my exposed skin with Adios, bugs avoid me at all haste!!!

Also, I discovered that it kills fleas on contact. After temporarily housing a lost dog, my two dogs inherited his fleas over night. After washing both my dogs, I sprayed them with Adios and worked it into their coats. My hands came away with dead fleas that didn’t come out in the wash. BTW, the neem in the spray instantly began healing the bites on my dogs skin too!!!

 Ashley — Hm, she’s smitten…. 

“This product is absolutely incredible!!! I just tried the soap, the lotion and the “Adios” and I cannot get enough of it!”

Anonymous — So adventurous, they prefer to remain nameless…

“Just got back from the Outer Banks, NC and used this product every day. We went to a deserted island where my fellow travelers used Off brand mosquito spray and they had more than 40 bites each (and some as many as 60). I used Adios and only had 2, one on my hand and one on my finger (where I had neglected to use the Adios). For two weeks I used this product and it works. The best part is that the ingredients are natural and you don’t worry about putting DEET on your body.”

Tanya – used to be missing out, but now she’s outdoors — despite allergies!

“I love this spray!!! I’ve suffered from mild allergic reactions to mosquito bites for years, and have missed out on outdoor activities with my family as a result. I am so happy to have found something that is natural, good for my skin, and actually works. I will certainly be recommending this to friends and family.”

Lori – her daughter is loving life again…

“Wanted to let you guys know we’ve had GREAT results with Adios! Our daughter – who is violently allergic to mosquitoes – hasn’t been bitten once with this spray on. Love!”

Sherry —  Improved sales at her plant nursery!

“We own a nursery at the Outer Banks and the mosquitos were so bad last fall that they would bite our customers the minute they stepped out of their cars. This spring we were introduced to Adios. We gave it to our employees for a test run and tried it ourselves and were amazed as to how well it worked to keep these pests off our bodies. Last weekend, as customers were coming to our nursery, we greeted them with a squirt of the Adios and the result was amazing! People loved the smell, how it felt and most of all, how well it worked!”

Kelly – The bugs used to love her…

“Best natural stuff out there. Smells good and works really well. Mosquitoes love me and now they don’t like me.”

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